Best Boyfriend Pillows 2019

Sounds silly:

But let me tell you that when life lets you down, when your partners leave you for some other girl and you are afraid of the feeling that comes with loneliness and rejections, a boyfriend pillow seems to be the best option.


It is because everyone wants someone to cuddle. You want something hot and soft that you can hold onto and feel safe.

This is why I’ve found the best boyfriend pillows on Amazon and made a list for you. All of these pillow have their own special characteristics and qualities, but there is something in common.

All of them look like a real person with shoulder, arm, fingers and torso, and all of them are stuffed with hot and soft insulation so you can feel the warmth and comfort that you’d feel in your boyfriend or husband’s arms.


Before I list down all of these boyfriend pillows, let us first take a look at the criteria that I set for reviewing all these pillows.

There are certain standards against which I vetted each and every of these pillows and we are going to understand those standards.

This helped me and this will help you finding out how I rated these pillows.

Boyfriend Pillow Reviewing Criteria


Here are all the points that I considered before I reviewed or rated any of these pillows.

1. Size

Size matters. At least when you choose a poly-cotton alternative of a husband or boyfriend. What if you buy a seemingly good pillow but when you get it you find out that the arm is even smaller than yours?


Size matters a lot and I only chose those life size boyfriend pillows for this review and you can buy any of them without hesitation.

2. Material

The material makes big different in terms of durability and ease. Most of the pillows in this list are made of materials like polyester, cotton and plush etc.

Cotton feels better, but once you have a stain on it and want to wash it, it will take God awful time to dry.

Likewise, polyester and plush are easier to clean and they dry fast, but you’d mostly not prefer their touch to cotton.

3. Muscles

How do you differ a boyfriend pillow from a girlfriend pillow?

Obviously, there are physical characteristics, but this is not all to it. This is the reason why companies that pay attention to details made boyfriend pillows with muscles.

As a matter of fact, a boyfriend pillow UK based company made a macho man boyfriend pillow for you.

So from puffy biceps to 6 packs, everything is there and you would love it, if you really love macho men.

4. Attention to Details

Well, this standard needs some explaining.


Some of the boyfriend pillows are without shirt – the macho men ones.

Then there are those that are wearing shirts.

Details are important in case of each of them.


It is because you would love to see better details of body muscles or his shirt or his hand etc.

These details matter a lot and on base of them a pillow can be declared good or bad. Thus and so, these details made it to our reviewing criteria.

Best Boyfriend Pillows [2019]


Without further ado here is the list of the top boyfriend pillows of 2019.

1. SealSee Muscle Man Body Arm Pillow

Well, this is exactly the boyfriend pillow that you need in case you’ve been badly looking for a macho and 6 packs boyfriend, but to no avail.

To start with, it looks like the naked body of a body builder and it is rich in terms of muscles, 6 packs and masculinity that you expect from your boyfriend.

Here are the pros and cons for you:

Custmers Rating

Reviewed By: 81 Buyers
  • Masculine Naked Male Body with Packs
  • Strongly Padded Biceps and Triceps
  • Big in Size & Rich in Body Details
  • Really Effective Mix of Polypropylene Cotton & Plush
  • Poor Quality of Stitching – Especially Armpits
  • Hands Reflect Poor Attention to Details


As you can see the photo, this is a big and stuffy boyfriend pillow for the girls who love big and strong boys.

To give this pillow the required shape and effect, the manufacturers had to stuff too much cotton in the pillow and as a result you end up with a very stuffy on the curves pillow that soon rips off the seams.

Then there is this issue with hands; the fingers are seamed with each other and thus it does not much look like a real hand.

Apart from these issues, which are not even faced or noticed by every customer, this is a good product, and the detail to muscles as well as the stuffiness make this a really good.

2. Boyfriend Pillow’s Microbead Companion Pillow


If you’re not the gal that like it the hard way and you’re bent on the company of a gentle and caring boyfriend, here is your companion until you find the real one.

This beautiful boyfriend pillow is dressed in a gentleman’s formal shirt and that has a pocket as well.

As compared to the nude attitude of the previously reviewed boyfriend pillow, this one is well-dressed, well-mannered and it comes with a gentle touch – thanks to cotton and microbeads filling.

Custmers Rating

Reviewed By: 74 Buyers
  • Pure and Soft Cotton Outside – Microbeads Inside
  • Well-dressed for a “Date”
  • Featured in Today Show and Other Shows
  • Skillfully Detailed Hand
  • Not Big Enough
  • Seams Easily Come Out


If size is your thing, then this boyfriend pillow is not for you. It is because while it is fine in terms of height, the width is simply not enough to give the hug that you want.


Some Amazon customers have reported that the seams are of poor quality and they come out very soon.


Talking of size, it is better to let you know that Amazon does not have a single boyfriend pillow with head.

And this literally means that there is not boyfriend with face as well. What you are left with is the torso (half of it) and one arm that you can put in your neck.

If you look at the positive points of this pillow they are many. For example, we know that microbeads make really good pillows and the cotton cover on this (the shirt) feels so soft on one’s skin.

3. Boyfriend Pillow’s Muscle Man Pillow

Anyone craving for a macho man?

Well here it is. If your ideal boyfriend is a macho man with strong arms and body muscles, then this boyfriend pillow is made for you.

In order to stave off the racism problem and to show respect for all ethnicities, this pillow is available in three colors including the black one.

This is our pick for those girls out there who secretly or openly admire masculine and strong African American boyfriends.

Have a look at the pros and cons.

Custmers Rating

Reviewed By: 19 Buyers
  • Strong Macho Man Pillow
  • Arm Muscles and 6 Packs
  • Pure and Soft Cotton Cover
  • Can be Used Naked or with a Shirt
  • Not much Soft
  • Seams are not Strong Enough

Since this one is also made by the Boyfriend Pillow company, the seams are an issue. It is just as stuffy as the other muscle pillow that I have reviewed above and thus seams come out in armpits area and other areas.

Then, because they intended to make it feel just as strong as a real macho man, the softness is not there. It is a inclining more towards the hard side and if you want a soft pillow, it is not that.


It has many pros.

For example:

You can enjoy the masculinity as long as you want to and then put your ex’s shirt on it and enjoy that feeling.

The cover on it is made of cotton so you will enjoy the soft touch of this boyfriend pillow. Let it brush against your face and body, and you will love it.

4. Vanchi Muscle Man Pillow


If you’re done with macho men and body building freaks, I promise that this is the last muscle man pillow and all upcoming ones are gentleman pillows.


This pillow is so great when it comes to the attention to details. The curves and bulges of triceps and biceps, the 6 packs on body and the fingers of hands, everything is detailed so masterfully.

Take the stitching as an example. Mostly the other side of the torso where there is no arm you can find the buttons or stitching.

Not with this one! The stitching is on back and this is why you only see a perfect and “seamless” masculine body.

Custmers Rating

Reviewed By: 2 Buyers
  • Seams are much better than other such Pillows
  • Perfect Shape of Muscles and Body
  • Stuffed Very Well
  • Polypropylene Filling and Super Soft Filling
  • Small in Size
  • Hand Details could be Better

You must be thinking what is wrong with the details of this macho man’s hand. Well, the fingers are there and they look just as closer to a real man’s fingers as they can possible look while belonged to a stuffed boyfriend pillow, they are still stitched to each other so you cannot literally “put hand in hand”.

And yes:

It is a macho man made out of fiber, the size should have been good, but it is comparatively smaller.

Other than these problems, it is a really well-stuffed and bulky boyfriend pillow.

5. Boyfriend Pillow’s Intimate Romantic Partner

This is a gentleman pillow, by a boyfriend pillow manufacturing company most trusted by the buyers on Amazon.

This pillow alone has 160 sales so far.


It is because you get a very realistic and dashing torso (half of it) of a boyfriend. The shirt is cotton the fingers can be played with because they are not stitched with each other like you’ve seen in case of most of the macho man pillows.

Custmers Rating

Reviewed By: 161 Buyers
  • Durable and Adequately Stuffed Pillow
  • Fluffy and Ultra Soft Feel
  • Made of Cotton
  • Crafted Masterfully to look and feel like a man
  • Small for a Boyfriend Pillow
  • Stiches come out after some Time

The problem with most of the boyfriend pillows is the size. Considering that mostly male partners are longer than female partners, the size of this pillow is alarming.

Customers say that it is small. Definitely they do account for the missing head/face, otherwise this pillow is properly sized.

The other issue is with stitches. While material is good and it stands the test of time, the stitches are not that good and as a result of constant use, they come out where customers apply more pressure e.g. armpits.


Apart from one real and one conditional con, there are pros that you cannot ignore.

It is not a muscle man pillow, but still it is fluffy and stuffed pretty well. The cotton “shirt” on it is 100% cotton and thus it feels really soft and smooth.

Overall, a really nice gift for ladies who have recently lost their partners.

6. Deluxe Comfort P009 Pillow

This is yet another gentleman pillow and you can just tell by the looks of it and that the feel you will get from this pillow will be real soft and smooth.

The pillow comes with a shirt on it and the arm’s bend is perfect for you to rest your head on it and enjoy a good and deep slumber.

It is neither too soft and nor too stuffed and thus the quality of rest that you get is always set to moderate. You can never complain of less loft and you will never dislike it because of lack of comfort.

Here are the pros and cons.

Custmers Rating

Reviewed By: 91 Buyers
  • At the Sweet Spot between Softness and Sturdiness
  • Cotton Cover – Smooth Experience
  • Very Comfortable for Head as well as Neck
  • Helpful in Reducing Stress
  • Poor Stitching
  • A Bit Overstuffed

As it goes:

It is a mixed bag of everything. The stitching is the biggest problem of almost every boyfriend pillow.

The problem starts because the armpit is where the gal receiving this gift, would place here head. And due to the pressure on that point, the seams come out from there and then they work their way up and down.

Another issue with this one is that it is more leaning towards “body fats”. Customers say that it is overstuffed.


Do not let these two points mar the reputation of this really good boyfriend pillow. For starters the feel of cotton “shirt” on this pillow is really unmatched.

It has been successful in reducing stress of many customers and the testimonials are there on the Amazon listing of this product.

Then you can just rotate it a little bit and use as the neck rest and in no time is gives comfort to and relieves stress off of your neck.

What to Look for in a Boyfriend Pillow?

If you’ve reached here, I bet that you have read all the details about the 6 boyfriend pillows that I chose for this guide.

These are the 6 best pillows because of number of sales on Amazon (which reflects the clients’ trust in these products) and because of their unique qualities.

In this section we will go through the precautionary measures that one must take before buying any of the top boyfriend pillows of 2016.

Why Do You Need a Boyfriend Pillow?


This is the first and foremost question that you must ask yourself. Why do you need a boyfriend pillow?

The answer to this question will determine the type of pillow that you need.

For example:

Girls are not the only demographic who buy these pillows; you cannot rule out the minority of boys who love this type of products.

Then there are different types of female customers who buy this product e.g. married but away from husband, away from boyfriend because of his job e.g. military, divorce or breakup women.

The decision is based on these factors.

What Type of Boyfriend do you want?

No kidding:

If you’ve read closely the reviews of all 6 products chosen for this round up, you should know that all these pillows are not the same.

Leaving aside the minute differences, there are two main categories or differences that you can notice; these products are either macho man pillows or gentleman pillows.

The macho man is naked and you can put a shirt on him; the gentleman is not as masculine as macho man, and he has a shirt on his body (basically just a pillow).


In your real life, if size is your thing and you only like big and bulky men then those naked and masculine macho men boyfriend pillows are for you.


If you prefer maturity to masculinity (mostly for wives away from husbands), you should go for the gentleman pillows.

How Soft and how Stuffed?

These are some important considerations.

Some women, especially those who want macho men or muscle man pillows would prefer a thicker and very well stuffed (and perhaps tough) pillow to give them a real feeling of a strong and masculine boyfriend.

While some other would love to get soft and fluffy pillows. Why? It is because they are not only after getting the true feeling of a husband or boyfriend’s chest, but they also want a good and comfortable sleep.

This can only be assured by soft, smooth and fluffy boyfriend pillows.

Material Stuffed Inside

Just like on outside, the material inside the pillow also matters a lot.


It is because this material decides the feel that you will get after resting your head on the pillow.

The feel and softness of all these materials is different from each other.

Most common of them are cotton and microbeads etc., and the feeling of both of them is pretty different.


As vague and shallow this is, we are still bent on colors.

And by colors I mean skin colors too.

To start with, you should only buy a dressed boyfriend pillow with a shirt color that you would like on your husband or boyfriend.


In the case of masculine and naked pillows, choose the skin color that you like the most. For example, if your imaginary lover is an African-American man, then you should only buy the pillow that has a mild or dark black color.

Don’t Forget the Neck


It feels good when you bend your neck and place your head on your boyfriend’s chest. While it feels good for a limited time, soon you get tired and it is the time to either rest head on his arm or your own pillow.

Same is the case with a boyfriend pillow. You cannot spend whole night keeping your head on its chest.

This is why you should choose the pillows that have an arm with more round curve. This will let you use the arm as a neck pillow.

Do this and you will be thankful to this review.


Time to choose the winner now.

If you remember, in the beginning we determined a rating criteria. Let us now look at the table and see which pillow performed the best.





Attention to Details

SealSee Muscle Man Body Arm Pillow


Plush & Polypropylene Cotton



Boyfriend Pillow’s Microbead Companion Pillow


Cotton & Microbeads



Boyfriend Pillow’s Muscle Man Pillow


Cotton & Plush



Vanchi Muscle Man Pillow


Polypropylene & Super Soft Hybrid Material



Boyfriend Pillow’s Intimate Romantic Partner


Premium & Pure Cotton + Cotton Fiber



Deluxe Comfort P009 Pillow


Pure Cotton




And the winner is:

SealSee Muscle Man Body Arm Pillow, while the second best is Boyfriend Pillow’s Microbead Companion Pillow.

It could be a tie but SealSee by HiRudolph has 81 reviews by customers and the Boyfriend Pillow’s pillow as got 74 reviews.

So gals:

Pick any of these two or all six boyfriend pillows and make sure that this winter, you’re not all alone in your big and cold bed.