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How Can You Pick A Human Shaped Pillow? (custom)

Whether you are just a side sleeper or pregnant searching for more support, a Human-Shaped Pillow can almost certainly do you a lot of good. Relying on the shape, it can really cover both stomach and back support if you are slumped over on the side or carrying an 8-pound baby, and users can even think the feeling of hugging somebody in sleep is particularly comfortable. For assisting you in finding the correct body pillow, we consulted many reviews and decided what a body pillow should really be like.

human shaped pillows

Who Should Get This?

Anybody can really enjoy cuddling up with the human-shaped or body pillow. The body pillows can really be most beneficial and comfortable for stomach- and side- sleepers and can also provide support and comfort for individuals with pain or injuries. The side-sleepers might find it more comfortable to hug this pillow, decreasing pressure on the arm and bottom shoulder.

It can also be very comfortable to tuck your pillow between your knees, averting your pelvis from tilting backward or forward: If you sleep on the side without any pillow between the legs, your muscle fibers can get really overstretched. Your shredded memory foam pillow can really be the game-changer for your alignment. You may not care even a little about the body pillows before, but after using one, you cannot even imagine not having it.

pillow like human
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You can throw one arm and one leg over it, and your pillow really makes your side sleeping habit more comfortable on your hips. Keeping your ankles parallel and separated throughout the night can also be comfortable, particularly for those who experience swelling. It is recommended against sleeping on the stomach, particularly if you’ve neck or back pain because you are likely to keep the head turned sharply to your right or left.

Women hugged a body pillow
Image credits: soranews24.com

Maintaining such a rotated position of your neck for a longer time period can really be uncomfortable. A human-shaped or body pillow can really assist you in feeling like you are sleeping on the stomach without you requiring lying flat (and potentially hurt the neck muscles). You can lie on the side or at a 3-quarter turn with your pillow pressed along the front. Frequently individuals sleep on the stomach because of the comfort against the belly, so you can have a body pillow and hug it against your stomach.

If you require additional support while sleeping, a body pillow can really assist you in maintaining a very comfortable position; as you may already know that the pregnant ladies frequently have to sleep on their sides and might require additional support under the belly, along the backs, and for knees, hips, and ankles. Similarly, the supportive body pillows might also assist in relieving pain or injuries. It can really relieve some pressure on your shoulder and hip.

Human doll pillow for women
Image credits: soranews24.com

How Can You Choose The Best?

Here’s what an excellent human-shaped or body pillow ought to be:

Moldable And Supportive: 

A supportive pillow will really hit the correct balance of resistance and softness. Pillows that are really thin will collapse under the bodyweight; the ones that are really springy or thick would not allow you to sink in comfortably. It ought to give gentle mold and support to your leg and arm.

Pillow for alone women

It is also significant that the fill of your pillow is moldable so you can easily shape, shift, and compress your heft to make a few areas thinner and others thicker, and adjust it to the preference. When we tried both pregnancy pillows and bed pillows, we discovered that moldable fill such as shredded memory foam provided more support, and they worked for a much broader range of bodies.


A good pillow can curve and bend; you ought to not feel like you are hugging a log. The majority of individuals shift sleep positions a dozen times at least every night. Just like in the waking hours, the next position is the best position.

Mainly if you experience pain or discomfort while sleeping, the great thing to carry out is to try to vary the position of sleeping as much as possible. A body pillow ought to not lock you just in a single position but rather ought to be flexible and bendable enough to let you change your positions simply during sleep.


Because you might not be capable of telling whether your pillow suits you until you have slept with it, a good return policy for the expensive pillow is a significant bonus. An expensive pillow ought to also last you for a long time. We’re particularly interested in pillows that have a warranty pr a guarantee (at least five years for the shredded memory foam). You’ll, however, have to disburse more to get it; the cheaper pillows we came across did not have such an assurance.

Comfortable And Cool: 

A good pillow ought to be something you will desire to snuggle up against every night. We looked for the pillows with the outer cases made from rayon/polyester or cotton, which the testing of bed pillows and sheets has shown tends to feel somewhat cool and soak up moisture well.

Though you will probably desire to utilize a separate pillowcase, the outer cover ought to still feel somewhat soft. The fill of your pillow ought to also feel good to you. We tested some pillows filled with both options that tend to feel smoother, and the shredded memory foam one feels a bit lumpy to the touch but supports weight really well.

The Correct Size And Shape: 

Though you can locate body pillows in various shapes, we focused on straight standard pillows, the most versatile, popular, and widely accessible shape. The pillows we tried were almost all fifty-four inches long; for average height sleepers, this size will surely support the knees and arms or the ankles and knees (but would not reach all three).

If you require full-body support, contemplate a seventy-two-inch pillow, which ought to fit along the complete length of your body (at times comprising under your head), even if you are taller than average. But it might feel overwhelming for a few.

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