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10 Best Pregnancy Pillows Reviews UK/USA/AU (Back Sleepers)

My wife bought a pregnancy pillow for her to sleep comfortably and for avoiding neck and back pain. We all get highly excited when there is an expectation of a new addition to the family. As far as the expected women are concerned, pregnancy time is much difficult and restless period for them as changes in the body may affect mood, mental condition and night sleep. Since every problem comes with solutions, no need to worry more because there are many ways to fight such issues during pregnancy.

The extra weight and growing body during pregnancy make the mother uncomfortable, especially at bedtime.  But investing in the best pregnancy pillow can make you able to get extra comfort while napping and sleeping at night. As the market is brimful with pregnancy pillows, therefore, you may face trouble finding the appropriate one according to your condition.

Top 10 Best Pregnancy Pillows

Pillow NameUseRatingPrice

Side Sleeper4.5/5

PharMeDoc Pillow

Leacho Snoogle Maternity Pillow
Sleep comfortably4/5

PharMeDoc U-Shape Pillow
Supportive for Back, Hips, Legs, Belly4/5

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge
Supportive for your bump, knees or back4.5/5

ComfySure Pillows
Support for Neck and Hip4/5

Meiz Pillows for Pregnancy
Multi Purpose4.5/5

AngQi Support Pillow
Best for Back Pain Relief and Pregnant Women4.5/5

Joybest Pregnancy Pillow
Multi Use4.5/5

Marine Moon Maternity Pillow

Therefore we compiled up a list of the top 10 best pregnancy pillows to help you find the right one. Unlike regular pillows, maternity pillows are intended to offer extra comfort in the mind. Accordingly, there are various types and sizes of maternity pillows are available for numerous body aches.

Let’s check out the best pregnancy pillows (different types) to help you select one according to your condition, get the count started:

1. QUEEN ROSE – Best for the new mom

Pregnancy Pillow reviewThe most known U-shaped maternity pillow is on the top of the list due to its amazing features, material, and other factors. This full-body pregnancy pillow by Queen Rose is the flagship of great support and maximum comfort. The company is renowned due to its high-quality goods and maternity pillows for expecting women.

The pillow is designed ergonomically to support the natural body shape of pregnant women also provide complete support from back and front. This is why this pillow offers you comfortable sleep throughout night or day. Its unique design makes it effective to ease the 3rd-trimester pain, back pain, congestion, ME, sciatica, gastric reflux, and others.

Besides, pain relief this maternity pillow is versatile enough and can be replaced with standard pillows for reading and watching TV on the bed.  The pillow is filled with polyester while its pure velvet covers give you a smooth, soothing feeling while sleeping. This pillow is soft, cosy and durable as the cover contain a double zipper for easy cleaning.


  • Polyester filling
  • 55 inches loft
  • Guarantee: offering refund policy and exchange guarantee


  • Offer affordable pricing
  • A durable and very versatile maternity pillow
  • Excellent belly, head and back support


  • Limited colour options available
  • May get warm earlier

2. PharMeDoc – Best for stomach support

Pharmedoc Pillow Review

Here comes the perfect maternity pillow type for a side sleeper, PharMeDoc pregnancy pillow C-shaped full body pillow is one of the top-recommended maternity pillows.  The company specializes in orthopaedic bed pillows while their expertise goods also include fitness and health products.

This pregnancy pillow from the same company crafted with the perfect design to offer entire body comfort as well as it supports various body parts specifically the spinal area. This is the perfect C-shaped pillow that can easily with various pillows provide support to your head, back, neck, belly, knees, and hips.

The reason to call this perfect maternity pillow is not just versatility but its quality filling material and jersey knit cover, which is easily washable. This maternity pillow does not just improve better sleep but it also helps to decrease 3rd-trimester pain and back pain.


  • Poly fiber filling
  • 5 inches loft
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Density: plush


  • Durable and excellently versatile pillow
  • Provide support to various body parts and help to relieve neck and back pain
  • Easy to adjustable in flat shape or else


  • Only fit for average to small height people
  • It could have been better in strength and quality

3. Leacho – Best Body Support for Pregnant women

Leachco pregnancy pillows review

Another C-Shaped pregnancy pillow on the list provides total body support from the famous maker Leacho. The company has set its mark with its exclusive yet innovative designs for optimum support and comfort.

Here we have one amongst the best product; the maternity pillow is intended with the suggestions of registered mother and nurse. Along with its C-shape, you can easily, slightly fold or twist this pillow in different shapes to fit your support requirement, this one is majorly the best feature.

This true and foremost original snoogle can be used with the place of many pillows to get your neck, back, belly and hips supported. The pillow is extra soft, cosy and comfortable as it contains quality poly fibre filling with sham-style removable cover.


  • Poly fibre filling
  • Ivory shade
  • Density: Medium Plush


  • Very cost effective and long lasting
  • Available in 6 attractive colours
  • Offer entire body support
  • Offer extra pillow cover


  • It retains heat
  • Gets too soft
  • Huge in size

4. PharMeDoc U-Shaped – Best for Side Sleepers

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow Review

Next up, is PharMeDoc again with its U-shaped full body pregnancy pillow. The maternity pillow by the known company is intended with extra support and added comfort in mind. The thick pillow made to provide support to the head, neck, back, knees, hips, and legs so you can get relief from discomfort and pain associated with pregnancy.

This pillow also features a detachable extension to make its own body pillow for utmost comfort. The maternity pillow not just help to relieve pain and sleeplessness but it offers great support to the belly and back to hold pregnant women secure and safe. This maternity pillow is durable and multi-purpose so everyone can use this pillow for watching TV and reading.

The perfect design and structure of the support make it an ideal contoured support pillow as well as it helps to decrease feet swelling. This pregnancy pillow includes a detachable cotton cover that has a double zipper also the pillow cover is easy to maintain.  Whereas, the manufacturer offers a lifetime manufacturing warranty and 100% satisfaction guaranteed design.


  • 56 inches loft
  • Warranty: lifetime warranty
  • Density: Plush


  • All in one full-body support pillow
  • Features detachable extension
  • Excellent for hip and leg support
  • Lightweight pillow


  • Big in size
  • Lacking in colour availability

5. Boppy – Best Cheap Alternative

Boppy Pregnancy Pillow Review

The manufacturer Boppy is known for its high-quality products especially for expected women and babies to offer the most deluxe and affordable comfort. This wedge pillow by Boppy is another type of pregnancy pillow help expected women to rest more comfortably as well as offer extra support.

This wedge pillow is of the more improved and new design, it inclined design offer the greatest support to your baby bump and back. Whereas it is portable enough to take it on the trip or use wherever you want, its compact design makes it most desirable.

This pregnancy wedge pillow is not the only firm yet versatile supporting cushion which also helps you with side sleeping, back support, knee support and belly support. This inclined pillow or cushion is ultra-soft wrapped well with jersey slipcover, help you to remove and place in any of the desired position.


  • High-density foam filling
  • Density: firm
  • 4 inches tapered loft
  • 1-year warranty


  • Reasonable and long-lasting cushion
  • Useful for all stages of pregnancy
  • Portable and lighter in weight
  • Best for later trimester
  • It stimulates better blood flow and helps in spine alignment


  • It could be larger for overall body support
  • Too thin for perfect support

6. ComfySure – Best for Hip Support

ComfySure Pregnancy Pillow Review

Another U-Shaped pillow on the list is Pregnancy Full Body Pillow U-Shaped by the company ComfySure. The maker crafted the best designed U-Shaped pillow, which has been recommended by various medical professionals so far.

This ideally designed pregnancy pillow has all the features intact which can ease the discomfort and pain of expected women in all stages. This is the ideal pillow for pregnant women suffering from congestion, gastric reflux, fibromyalgia, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, and post-surgery.

This full length, full-body provide the greatest comfort and highest support to pregnant women and nurse, also it offers extra comfort to those women require back support and extra rest.


  • Polyester filling
  • Full-length pillow for full body
  • Type: U-shape
  • Density: plush


  • Offer the best support to the entire body and various body parts
  • It accommodates various sleeping positions
  • Great support for belly, arm, neck, head, and back
  • Stimulate better blood flow and proper breathing


  • Not easy to take away from one place to another due to plus size

7. Meiz – Best for back support

Meiz Pregnancy Pillow Review

Up next is Meiz Full Body Pregnancy Pillow, which is ideal for discomfort and pains connected to pregnancy. This pregnancy pillow carried smart and new generation design that is capable to offer you sound and better sleep as well as support various body parts to help decreasing pressure.

If you want a maternity pillow that fits with all stages of pregnancy and provides sweet, improved sleep then Meiz full body pillow is definitely a great option.  The pillow not just effective to support body parts but it is also efficient to improve blood pressure throughout the sleeping time.

In particular, it features hypoallergenic polyester filling and a pure cotton cover which is also washable. This pillow is also multi-functional as it is flexible enough to mould in any way or shape to use in varieties. This pillow is also useful for sciatica, relieve back pain and leg swelling etc.


  • 7D Polyester filling
  • Density: high plush
  • 65 inches loft
  • Guarantee: 30-day refund guarantee


  • Versatile, cost-effective and supportive
  • Help to keep spine and hip in natural position
  • Premium quality filling and covering material


  • None

8. AngQi – Best for back pain

Angqi Pregnancy Pillow Review

Another U-Shaped maternity pillow with an exclusive, modern design, Angqi full pregnancy body support pillow is undeniably the best maternity pillows on market. Its unique design actually follows the natural shape and contour of the overall body to provide improved support.

This maternity pillow is intended and crafted to have pregnant women in mind and their related discomforts but at the same time, the pillow provides better support to everyone.

This soft, cosy and comfortable full body pillow provide improved support in all pregnancy stages and after pregnancy even when the baby arrives. The maternity pillow is designed to get easily shaped in various ways to get support in any way you want.


  • Polyester hollow fibre filling
  • Density: medium-plush
  • 60 inches loft


  • Designed to stimulate natural body curves
  • Provide proper support to back curve and baby bump
  • Improved lumbar support
  • Accommodate all sleeping positions


  • Big size makes it tough to move around

9. Marine Moon – Best for Relaxing & Watching Tv

Marine Moon Pregnancy Pillow Review

Now Marine Moon C-Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Pillow has several improvements, therefore, it offers more, advanced and long-lasting cosiness and ease for pregnancy and for after pregnancy.

This full body pillow has a design to follow the natural curves of the expected women body and seemingly helps to decrease neck, back and shoulders pain. The maternity pillow features proper lumbar support that helps to reduce pressure on the body points which cause relief and restful sleep.

You can pop up the pillow to get your head supported in a manner which helps expecting women breathe well. The full body pillow is made up of all premium quality filling and pure cotton which are odour-free and latex-free. Its high-quality filling and cover offer improved support to mothers to be, in their 2nd and 3rd trimester.


  • Premium Polyester fibre filling
  • Density: plush
  • 59 inches loft


  • Multi-purpose and durable maternity pillow
  • Natural, hypoallergenic 100% cotton pillowcase
  • Excellent, back, head, shoulders, hips, legs and tummy support


  • Not available

10. Joybest – Best for neck pain

Joybest Pregnancy Pillow Review

Lastly, on the list we have an upgraded version of a pregnancy pillow, Joybest Full Body Pregnancy Pillow is the ideal pillow when it comes to pregnancy period and after it. It featured multi-combination pillows which enable you to create support according to your desired sleeping positions.

This pillow is an all-in-one pregnancy pillow that not just offers you high-end comfort and support but it also features lumbar support to be the most versatile pillow ever.

The full-size body pillow provides entire body support from the neck, head, back to legs it also helps you relieving back pain, neck pain and legs swelling. It features slant pillow for ultimate support in any position, adjustable connection belt, and detachable design to meet the requirement of various types of bodies.


  • Density: high-plush
  • Premium 7D PP non-allergenic hollow fibre filling
  • 59 inches loft


  • Unique, detachable and versatile design
  • Adjustable to use in a variety of sleeping positions or else
  • All-in-one maternity pillow


  • None

Pregnancy Pillows Buying Guide

Pregnancy pillows are entirely different from ordinary pillows. There are types and sizes of maternity pillows available on market, designed to keep body progression, aches, uneasiness and discomfort of the mother in mind. Types of pregnancy pillows typically include C-shaped, U-shaped, wedge and inflatable pregnancy pillows.

Considerably it is much better to consult your doctor before deciding on pregnancy pillows so you can have a better idea of which size or type of pillow can provide you with maximum comfort. In another case, you should consider your stage, situation, preference, and natural sleep position when making up any choice. This list of best pregnancy pillows will surely help you choose the best one according to all features and factors.


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