Best Hugging Pillow of 2020

Are you alone? Want to sleep with someone, but there is nobody care about you? Here are hugging pillows that will hug you like its made for you. We have reviewed the best 10 Pillows out of 20 to hug at night while sleeping alone. Some of them look like the human body, animals, u-shaped, and L-shaped while we make sure to cover pillows for surgery, pregnancy, side sleepers, babies, girls, and guys.

Sleep is a physical situation of the body when all parts of the body are at relaxing mode. Duration of this sleeping phase is different for different people and also varies in the various stages of life, but it is believed that perfect sleep for specific duration is necessary for the regular activity of life. Ideal rest is defined by disturbance-free sleep in which all the body parts are completely relaxed and free of stress. Any disturbing factor can spoil sleep quality that will alternatively affect the quality of life.

Hugging cushion is more commonly known as body pillow that is considered as a source of relaxation and smoothness throughout the night ensuring a perfect sleep schedule. Comfort, higher breathability, economical rate makes any pillow more suitable for a comfy sleep. Hugging pillows are available in a large variety. Some of the most popular hug pillow available in 2020 are compiled below.

Top 10 Best Hugging Pillows 2020 Reviews

Pillow name Use Rating

Hugging Body Pillows

Cuddling while Sleeping 9.4/10

Meiz body pillow

Multipurpose 9.5/10

DMI Hug-A-pillow

L-Shaped for Neck in sleeping 9.0/10

Octopus Pillow

Multipurpose 9.1/10

Leachco Snoogle

Pregnancy 9.2/10

Queen Rose pillow

Best For Pregnant Women 9.4/10

Remedy Side Sleeper pillow

Sidewise Sleeping Pillow 9.3/10

Comfysure Pillow

Pregnancy 9.3/10

Moonlight slumber

Sleep and Comfort 9.3/10

Mypillow Full Body Pillow

Multipurpose 9.1/10

1. Hugging Pillows Blue Shirts

The best solution for eliminating the feeling of loneliness is ultra stuffed boyfriend pillow which is shaped in such a way that it makes you feel real to be with your boyfriend like hand in hand.

The pillow is provided with an extension of an arm of virtual men which is the primary source of peace and calm that can hug easily and give you right sleeping zone.

Custmers Rating

Reviewed By: 163 Buyers
Key features:

These are cotton blend cuddle pillow made with the elegant and durable material, allows cuddling for the long time span.

  • Durable and ultra- soft material for longer usage.
  • Designed in a way to provide extra comfort to the user besides just acting as a loneliness partner.
  • Use of allergy free material like cotton and fabric makes it more consumer friendly and save.


  • Thick, fluffy, and ultra soft masculine pillow with an extended arm makes it like the virtual real man.

  • It gives warmth and comfort.

  • Boyfriend pillow proved itself as the best gift that compensate and substitute the missing person during bedtime.

  • It provides the sense of security as you curl around its arm.

  • It also appears helpful for those people especially girls who are not in the relationship or have broken relationship.


  • Smaller size
  • High price makes it uneconomical to purchase and use.
Bottom Line

It can be considered as an ultimate cuddle pillow that appears supportive, excellently equipped with smoothing arm that bless you better sleep. It facilitates the couple and partner for enhancing the cuddling.

2. Meiz U shape pregnancy body pillow

During pregnancy, the female body faces many abnormal changes in its shape and comfort situation. Mostly it is accompanied by muscular stretch and pain, joint stress, itching, heaviness etc. While on the other hand, proper rest is the key demand during the gestation period. But changes in physical shape is a big hurdle in achieving proper sleep and rest.

All pregnant women need a pillow that can give them a sweet and sound sleep. Meiz U shape pregnancy body pillow is such a product that has drawn the attention of tremendous strength of expecting women. It is ideally manufactured for the pregnant moms to ensure them a long-lasting sleep without any disturbance.

Custmers Rating

Reviewed By: 343 Buyers
Key features:
  • Meiz U shape pregnancy body pillow is an ultra-soft pillow that provides soothing effect, sound sleep and resting experience.
  • It’s comforting, and its filling material like 7D polyester maintains relaxing characteristics.
  • This filling material offers extra smoothness and comfort.
  • It is free of all issues like irritation, allergy etc. so pregnant women can pass their maximum time with these cuddle pillows.
  • It supports the neck, hips, tummy of a pregnant woman. It ensures comfort to all body parts that are under stress during this stage.
  • It is not only suitable for pregnant women but also comfortable for all people who want to take a smooth, healthy sleep. Peoples who are suffering from sleeplessness, from less or disturb sleep can especially facilitate through this pillow.
  • Its composition is highly hypoallergenic as it is manufactured with premium quality material that resists any flourishment of the organism responsible or allergy and asthma. Hygienically it is the best product that is trusted for keeping microorganism diseases away from its user.


  • Affordable price range

  • Lightweight design makes it easily portable.

  • The ergonomic in shape that supports all the parts of the body.


  • It has no noteworthy drawback which makes it more precious.
Bottom Line

For a peaceful night sleep, Meiz U shape pregnancy body pillow is the best option concerning the pregnant women and ordinary people. It gives you freshness after the happy sleeping experience.

3. DMI Hug-A-pillow

Desired of the tight hug and worries free sleep can be ensured by hug-A-pillow. Hug-A-pillow is designed with ultra-soft filling and durable material.

Its support to different body parts like neck, arms, shoulders etc. is fantastic. It solves the different physical issue like neck and shoulder pain and stretches more efficiently as it is designed in L-shape.

Custmers Rating

Reviewed By: 614 Buyers
Key feature:
  • It is considered as all-in-one packages that cover all aspect of comfort and soothes during bedtime.
  • From orthopaedic aspect, all the body parts are in a relaxed zone while using Hug-A-pillow.
  • The L- shape makes your sleep more sound and deep.


  • Hug-A-pillow comfort the whole posture, provide fluffy support to shoulder, neck, head and upper chest making your sleep more happy and comfy.

  • Hug-A-pillow contours the entire body while providing ideal sleeping positions.

  • It gives complete support to side sleepers.

  • Besides providing you with a comfortable body position, it also facilitates you with cuddle sensation.

  • Anti-germs and anti-allergic characteristics provide a relief from allergy to germ sensitive people by providing resistance.

  • Machine wash feature makes it more hygienic.


  • On the other hand, Hug-A-pillow also has some disadvantages like it is not supportive for proper breathing.
  • Although it is stuffed yet, it is not easy to get it stuffed.

4. Karakiri Octopus Hugging Cushion

This fluffy pillow is more like a friendly octopus because of its shape and large sized head. Babies love to play with this play, and they sleep on it. I suggest moms get this for their toddlers.

It is a large sized pillow that has soothing extensions for the user as they can cult their arms and body to get a feeling of their dear one. It is a perfect pillow as its widely spaced extensions make you able to wrap your arms, leg and complete body around the whole pad and eliminate the feeling of loneliness.

Key features:
  • It ensures the perfect sleep for the people who are suffering from a sense of isolation and are in need of some company.
  • In the chilly sleepless nights, it appears as the best solution for providing desired comfort. It has double posturing qualities because it allows for a choice to sleep straight or in a curve position.
  • It is adjustable according to the user demand. It aligns all body parts as well as all the curved positions. It gives relief from every kind of joints and muscles stress and sprains that continuously irritates the user.


  • This pillow has the giant head that supports the head of a user.

  • It provides the excellent platform for suitable positioning of the head with arms around the back.

  • It gives a beautiful feeling of company.

  • It has qualities of all good cuddling pillows in one available at a reasonable price.


  • It faces the problem like non-breathability.

5. Leachco Snoogle

Leachco Snoogle is an ideal choice for pregnant women, who require cuddle as well as perfect body support. Sleeping position is the actual problem for the pregnant women because they feel uncomfortable and uneasy in right body postures that give them awful sleep and this pillow is considered as the best support to all such expectant moms.

Custmers Rating

Reviewed By: 7309 Buyers
Key features:
  • Leachco Snoogle is manufactured in such a way that all the body parts are well supported and relax during sleep.
  • It facilitates the user with the targeted support that beautifully contours the body shape.
  • These pillows fulfil all the comfort requirements of a pregnant woman that is why these are well reputed as genuine SNOOGLE.
  • It provides perfect support to many body parts like tummy, hips, and neck and also eliminates the needs taking more than one pillow during sleep. Especially it is beautifully designed for supporting stomach so that pregnant women can enjoy sound sleep.
  • Neutral joint positioning is achieved by aligning the hips.
  • It seems to fulfil all the requirements of expecting women because the mom and professional nurses specially design it.
  • It gives the body extra heat so that user can enjoy cuddle features for the long time span.
  • It is machine washable to get rid of allergens and mites.


  • It is considered as first and correct Snoogle pillow which is designed by the moms and nurses

  • It supports whole body posture beside providing cuddle and refreshing sleep.


  • It has a fragile paper material, and manufacturing quality is found unsatisfactory.

6. Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow

Rosy glow and shine appear on the face during pregnancy, but it is accompanied with bundle of discomforts. Especially stress parts of women body require special consideration concerning the position during sleep.

Custmers Rating

Reviewed By: 21,60 Buyers
Key features:
  • Design and shape of Queen rose pregnancy pillow makes it more suitable for the pregnant ladies because it supports their specific body parts like lumbar and tummy region.
  • It is source of comfort and soothness during bedtime that gives fast and deep sleep.
  • It is a pain reliever not only for the pregnant women but also for any person having backache and muscle fatigue problem. So it appears influencing for pregnant as well as for the people having sciatica, congestion, fibromyalgia, etc.


  • This type of pillow is made in U shape that gives perfect support to legs, stomach, shoulder, lumber, and neck.

  • It has an ultra-comforting effect as it is made with special durable and unique material.

  • It is allergy free due to its microorganism resistant fabric stuffing.

  • It facilitates and soothes the people during TV watching position, having body pain besides problems of pregnant women.

  • So it can be said that Queen rose pregnancy pillow is an idealistic multipurpose pillow that confirms relaxing and long lasting full night sleep.


  • Queen rose pregnancy pillow is designed with scratchy fabric that makes it inappropriate.
  • In some cases, this pillow is considered as a cause of itching. So it needs maximum care in this regard.

7. Remedy Side Sleeper Pillow For Hugging

A healthy body demands proper sleep which is free of any disturbance, during sleep all body parts are fully relaxed and stress-free. Sound sleep for enough duration makes a person fresh, active and more efficient in his activities. There are different styles adopted by different people. At the same, any person may be in more than one sleeping position. Side sleeper pillow is for those people who are used to take side cult during their sleep.

Specific body arrangement is needed for using it, for example, one of the short ends of a pillow is placed under the head, and another short-term is fixed between legs. Along the side of pad supports back, shoulder, chest from one side or spine and neck from another side.

Custmers Rating

Reviewed By: 563 Buyers
Key features:
  • It is a widely spaced pillow that is fibrous in composition. Its composition makes it more relaxing and comforting, yet it is not too soft or too firm. It solves all the issues and problems experienced by the sleepless people.
  • U-shape pillow that provides support to all parts of body ensuring sound and deep sleep throughout the night. It mainly supports the neck and spine by aligning them.
  • People with spine problem can take maximum benefit from this product. It gives total support to side sleepers.
  • Besides providing you comfortable body position during sleep, also facilitates you with cuddle sensation.
  • It is a full package product that has the bundle of properties with the suitable range of price.
  • It fulfils the desire of the user to hug during bedtime strongly. It facilitates its users by fast sleep that is free of hurdles and disturbance.


  • It has comforting and soothing effect which facilitates the expecting ladies.

  • It is a multipurpose pillow that has fabric stuffing.

  • Reasonable price structure.


Full body pillow has a severe drawback like

  • Heating
  • Non-breathing
Bottom Line

All characteristics of this pillow make it the more suitable choice for patients as well as the healthy person with the reasonable range.

8. Comfysure Pregnancy Full Body Pillow

Proper and perfect sleep for pregnant women is an essential element for the proper growth of baby which requires particular condition and facilities that help in relieving body stress, joint pressure, and muscle pain. In such situations, maternity supporting cushion are needed that support the whole body parts.

Comfysure pregnancy full body pillow is the multipurpose pillow that provides maximum support to the expecting women as well as those having issues with hips, neck, stomach, shoulder, and sleeplessness.

Custmers Rating

Reviewed By: 902 Buyers
Key Feature:
  • It is the best option for cuddling with multiple comfortable positions.
  • It is also the best option to get comfy support while watching TV, during sleep and breastfeeding.
  • It is implanted with hypoallergenic properties that detain the entry of microorganism responsible for asthma and allergy.
  • As this is extra large as compare to other pillows, it provides support and peace to the taller person. Machine washing makes it more hygienic.
  • It is more durable to buy the pillow that gives a relaxing and soothing sleeping experience. Such a pillow can be used as reading cushion and can also be used as a lounging cushion while watching TV.
  • It is ideal for providing lumbar support, even detain reposition of sleep. Comfysure pregnancy full body pillows are also facilitated with therapeutic benefits.
  • It is the best support for all those suffering from gastric reflexes, sciatica and many other with such a typed of problems.


  • Extra long size with lightweight properties make it more suitable for pregnant as well or the ordinary people.

  • It is considered as multipurpose pillow that has hypoallergenic properties.


Comfysure pregnancy full body pillow has a serious drawback like

  • Heating
  • Non breathing.
Bottom Line

It is full package product that has the bundle of properties with the suitable range of price.

9. Moonlight Slumber

Comforts at the cost of price can be achieved in the form of moonlight slumber. It solves all the issues and problems experienced by the sleepless people.

Moonlight slumber has the high degree of compressibility as the micro-fibres are used for filling such pillows that allows it to compress to the maximum level. This product is design to tackle surgery issues.

Moonlight has the high degree of compressibility as the micro-fibres are used for filling such pillows that allows it to compress to the maximum level.

Custmers Rating

Reviewed By: 757 Buyers
Key features:
  • U-shape pillow provides support to all parts of body ensuring sound and deep sleep throughout the night.
  • The main characteristics of moonlight pregnancy full body pillow is its microfiber material that can provide comfort for a long time.
  • This pillow keeps all parts of a body like a neck, hips, shoulder, stomach, in a well aligned position.
  • Besides hypoallergenic, it is odourless. All type of microorganisms resisted due to its premium quality.


  • It is also elastic in nature as it gains its shape again after the release of compression.

  • Cleaning of Moonlight slumber is also effortless through the washing machine.

  • It is considered as hypoallergenic, economically safe and soothing for its users.


  • Non-breathability
  • High cost makes it less famous in the pillow market.
Bottom Line

Moonlight Slumber is the best option for purchasing cool and calm sleep. Although it is expensive yet full of qualities.

10. MyPillow Body Pillow

Sleep is an essential requirement of a healthy person that needs suitable and reasonable conditions like the degree of darkness, level of noise, mattress and pillow.

They are constructed by hypoallergenic material which prevents different health-related issues like asthma, allergies etc. they are easy to clean as they are easily washable by the washing machine.

Custmers Rating

Reviewed By: 93 Buyers
Key features:
  • The fluffy soft pillow is a crucial element for the full night sleep with comfort and sooth.
  • Some people want to be covered and supported during sleep. Total body pillow fulfils the requirement of such people.
  • Total body pillow has the microfibrous filling which gives its user a soothing effect.
  • It has unique qualities for the patient having lower back pain and sciatica as Total body pillow satisfies their desire for full body support.
  • Some parts of the body are under stress that enforces the user to toss and turn.
  • It can be reduced by the use of such supporting material that provides support to the whole body.
  • Pros:

    • It is multipurpose in its function that supports pregnant as well as average person

    • Its fluffy stuff and wide U-shape makes it able to give more comfort and ease to the user.

    • It can be said that Total body pillow is all in one package with respect to its sooth and supporting qualities.


    • Non-breathability is its major drawback.
    Bottom Line

    It fulfils the desire of the user to hug during bedtime strongly. It facilitates its user with fast sleep that is free of hurdles and disturbance. It’s all characteristics make it the more suitable choice for patients as well as the healthy person with the reasonable range.