How to make a Boyfriend Pillow?

I would like to share my experience and procedure of making all exclusive boyfriend pillows with you out there. However, you can find many typical types of ready-made boyfriend pillows in which some may come up your requirements well. But isn’t super exciting and fun to create a cuddle pillow according to your comfort needs by your own.

Before dig directly into the making process of boyfriend pillow, let’s find out types of snuggle/cuddle/boyfriend pillows you can easily make at home.  

  • Plush pillow

These pillows are usually long but plush enough to make you feel more comfortable as well as support your neck, back and legs for better blood flow or improved blood circulation. These are very easy to make at home, usually carried long length half-square shaped pillows. The best part of DIY boyfriend plus pillow is that you can be creative with it or can add anything you love.

  • Cuddle buddy pillow

This pillow contains a simpler half upper body shape pillow which looks tricky and difficult but actually very easy to make. You can make one or two arms with chest pillow that gives you feel of better cuddling and warmth in it. These pillows are super easy to make using very few products or you can even use your excess fabric or t-shirts as covering.

  • Snuggle pillow

These are super easy and simple to make as it carried square or triangle shape with a name of your boyfriend or best buddy on it. You can even create or paste any quote or name of the person you love the most. These are soft, comfortable and best pillows you can give away as a gift to your boyfriend with a name of both on it. Isn’t super cute?

  • Arm plush cotton pillow

These boyfriend pillows are typical pillows having a half upper body with a hand or without a face. This is the perfect and proper boyfriend pillow which cuddle you, hug you and warmth you same as your boyfriend does. These pillows required little effort and time but the result will make you more pleased than ever.    

  • Boyfriend muscle man pillow

If someone has tough muscle boyfriend then she should try making muscle man boyfriend pillow which gives your perfect feel of cuddling in your own boyfriend’s arm or chest. My personal favourite type of boyfriend pillow required a little bit of effort and time to make it.

Now, get to know my procedure of making most exclusive boyfriend pillow with a face, I have used my personal favourite products although you can use any other stuff to make this kind of pillow.  Stuffing is very important for any pillow which is highly responsible for cosines and comfort. Therefore be very wise to use stuffing or fabric or covering in your boyfriend pillow, allow me to share what I have used in my pillow.

Stuff I have used to make Custom Boyfriend Pillow

  1. Men’s full sleeves shirt
  2. Scissor
  3. Fabric glue/sewing machine (recommended for better result)
  4. Fiberfill for stuffing
  5. Men’s gloves (cotton)
  6. Cotton fabric
  7. Iron-on sheet

The process of making boyfriend pillow

Step #1: Start making a face

This step will give you the perfect feel of warmth same as you are in the arms of your boyfriend and he will cuddle you very sweetly.

You must have heard about face pillow, in the same way, we are going to make a head/face for our boyfriend pillow. Take your boyfriend’s picture’s print out and use iron on the sheet with it. Now cut off the parts by keeping the picture on the fabric, you can now use fabric glue or can sew fabric with photo at the edges by leaving a small part on the edge.

Now fill up fiberfill or cotton or polyester for making it proper face/head shape. After this use fabric glue to shut the small part from where you have added stuffing.

Step #2: Making Pillow

Take whole men’s shirt in any colour or type; now use fabric glue to paste face/head with the colour of the shirt and leave it for an hour or two. Then you will need to sew or attach the end edges of the shirt evenly. Now start filling fiberfill or cotton in the shirt all over, take a little effort or force to add more and more stuffing from sleeves to all around shirt.

Step #3: Attach gloves to the sleeves

Now you need to attach cotton gloves at both the sleeves, by filling up the gloves with cotton stuffing or fiberfill paste the edges of the gloves with sleeves edges. Cuddling is incomplete without your boyfriend's hands so this is the important part as well.   

Step #4: Covering

At last use fabric glue to attach the place between the buttons on the shirt so that your stuffing is safe and not coming out on pressure. Now you can choose any men’s shirt to use as covering which also helps you to clean your pillow easily.

Check every attached part carefully so that your pillow is all set to use when the fabric glue dries well.  

You can enjoy sweet and comfy cuddling by using your DIY boyfriend pillow with a proper picture of your boyfriend on it. You will feel warmth, support and comfort with this pillow.