Full body Boyfriend Pillow with Face & Head for Sale (Solution)

DIY BOYFRIEND PILLOW WITH FACE: Allow me to say it, we girls like to cuddle someone sometimes (read: every time). But for whatever reasons, your Mr. Right is not around, this cozy “boyfriend pillow with a face” might be the perfect solution for your loneliness and the exact answer to everything you are missing out on nowadays.

BF Pillow with face and head

The boyfriend pillow with Face is, as its name suggests, a pillow that holds the place of a human partner.

Cuddling is a raw cure for sadness and unhappiness. There are many websites available on the internet where you can purchase these boyfriend pillows and get them delivered to you across the globe.

If you want to make a boyfriend pillow and wish to have your man face put on it as well for a further feel, I have got you covered. Because I am going to tell you a very few easy steps by following them you can get your DIY boyfriend pillow with the face.

DIY Full Body Boyfriend Pillow with Face

This DIY boyfriend pillow offers exceptionally comfortable support and is a favorite among those that don’t like to sleep alone.

Material that you have used to make Custom Boyfriend Pillow with are listed here;

  • Men’s full sleeves shirt
  • Scissors 
  • Fabric glue/sewing machine

*Sewing machine preferable for long-lasting results*

  • Men’s gloves (cotton)
  • Cotton fabric
  • Iron-on sheet
  • Fiberfill for stuffing

*Stuffing is very important for any pillow which is highly responsible for cosines and comfort. Therefore be very wise to use stuffing or fabric or covering in your boyfriend’s pillow*

Step #1: Begin with making a face:

In this step, we will give you the perfect feeling of tenderness, warmth similar to you being in the arms of your partner and he will cuddle you very sweetly.

You must have heard about face pillow, in the same way, we are going to make ahead/face for our boyfriend’s pillow. Take your boyfriend’s picture printout and use iron on the sheet with it. Now cut off the parts by keeping the picture on the fabric, you can now use fabric glue or can sew the fabric with photos at the edges by leaving a small part on the edge out.

Now fill up fiberfill or cotton or polyester for making it proper face/head shape and form. After this, use fabric glue to close off the small portion from where you have added stuffing.

Step #2: Preparing Pillow:

Take whole men’s shirts in any color or type of your choice; now use fabric glue to paste the face/head you made previously with the color of the shirt and leave it for an hour or two. 

Then you will need to sew or attach the end edges of the shirt evenly and securely. Now again start filling fiberfill or cotton in the shirt all over, take a little effort or force to add more and more stuffing from sleeves to all around the shirt. Fill the fiberfill gradually and keep adjusting it so that it does not get piled up at one particular point.

Step #3: Attaching gloves to the sleeves:

Now you need to attach cotton gloves at both sleeves, by filling up the gloves with cotton stuffing or fiberfill. Paste the edges of the gloves with sleeve edges. Cuddling is insufficient without your boyfriend’s hands so this is the important and crucial component as well.

Step #4: Covering:

In the end, use fabric glue to attach the place between the buttons on the shirt so that your stuffing is safe and not coming out on pressure. Now you can choose any men’s shirt to use as a covering which also helps you to clean your pillow easily by simply washing that shirt while the inside stuff remains intact and secure.

However, make sure to check every attached and bounded part with fabric glue carefully so that your boyfriend pillow is all fixed to use when the fabric glue dries down nicely and does not get damaged.

Anyhow, now you can enjoy sweet, cozy, and comfy cuddling by using this “DIY boyfriend pillow with a face” having a proper picture of your boyfriend on it. You will feel affection, support, and relaxation with this easy and simple custom pillow by following this effortless couple of steps.

Trust me this DIY boyfriend pillow would be the perfect companion for you. 

Don’t you or somebody you know want to feel loved?

It is the secret of crushing the emotion of loneliness and getting warmth. Spray a mist of your loved one’s favorite cologne or your beloved perfume, lay back, dream, and let the memories storm in your dream.

Boyfriend Pillows with Arms

There are numerous varieties and categories available of these boyfriend pillows out there according to meet the taste of different people like,

  • Plush Pillow:-

very soft pillow so much so that your head sinks into the pillow; it can be made of a variety of soft filling materials including cotton, feathers, polyester, wool, or low-density foam.

  • Boyfriend Cuddle buddy Pillow:-

Buddies pillows are softer and likely to be carried around the house and cuddled when sitting and watching television, or sleeping.

  • Snuggle Pillow:-

settled into a warm, comfortable position using this pillow. soft, fluffy, and cozy pillow to snuggle yourself in.

  • Arm Plush Cotton Pillow:-

thick soft fluffy pillow with pure cotton that even comes with an extended arm. perfect to nap on while feeling hugged with the arm of this pillow around you.

  • Boyfriend Muscle Man Pillow:-

Cute and Fun Hunky, Cuddle Companion, Boyfriend “Ripped” Body Pillow with Benefits, the Muscle Man Body Pillow is akin to a virtual hug pillow, thick, ultra-soft fluffy is made from pure Microfiber that even comes complete with an extended arm and a virtual Chest.

However, if you do not seem to find one for yourself or you have got some extra free time and want to put little effort into making your boyfriend pillow because truth to be told, self-made and home custom things by your own hands and work hit and feel different.

  • Flexible:

A good pillow can curve and bend; you ought to not feel like you are hugging a log. The majority of individuals shift sleep positions a dozen times at least every night. Just like in the waking hours, the next position is the best position. 

Mainly if you experience pain or discomfort while sleeping, the great thing to carry out is to try to vary the position of sleeping as much as possible. A body pillow ought to not lock you just in a single position but rather ought to be flexible and bendable enough to let you change your positions simply during sleep.

  • Returnable: 

Because you might not be capable of telling whether Man body pillow suits you until you have slept with it, a good return policy for the expensive pillow is a significant bonus. An expensive pillow ought to also last you for a long time. We’re particularly interested in pillows that have a warranty pr a guarantee (at least five years for the shredded memory foam). You’ll, however, have to disburse more to get it; the cheaper pillows we came across did not have such an assurance.

  • Comfortable And Cool: 

A good pillow ought to be something you will desire to snuggle up against every night. We looked for the pillows with the outer cases made from rayon/polyester or cotton, which the testing of bed pillows and sheets has shown tends to feel somewhat cool and soak up moisture well.

Though you will probably desire to utilize a separate pillowcase, the outer cover ought to still feel somewhat soft. The fill of your pillow ought to also feel good to you. We tested some pillows filled with both options that tend to feel smoother, and the shredded memory foam one feels a bit lumpy to the touch but supports weight really well.

  • The Correct Size And Shape: 

Though you can locate body pillows in various shapes, we focused on straight standard pillows, the most versatile, popular, and widely accessible shape. The pillows we tried were almost all fifty-four inches long; for average height sleepers, this size will surely support the knees and arms or the ankles and knees (but would not reach all three).

If you require full-body support, contemplate a seventy-two-inch pillow, which ought to fit along the complete length of your body (at times comprising under your head), even if you are taller than average. But it might feel overwhelming for a few.